Organised free Eye Test Camp with Eye Forever

Eye Forever organised free Eye check up camps throughout looking to the special needs and lack of care for eye. We have successfully carried out these kind of social welfare programs from long time. Eye Forever is working in the mission of vision care in which we find out people in Urban, rural, Slum Area for poor and needy people.
Eye Forever aim at a minimum of 150 people in a camp. The people who are prescribed with spectacles are provided with the same at a non-profit price from the camp site.
We also conduct screening tests in schools and corporate office to find visual defects in students and corporate employees . The screened are refer to hospital and treated.

Camp Details
Eye Forever has a group of 3 members including a certified Refractionist, counselor and an optician. The camp is conducted from 10.00am to 4.00pm aiming at 150 people who are prescribed with spectacles are provided with the same at non-profit price from the camp site.
Camp organizers have to give the requisition for conducting camps. Advertisement of the camp should be given before and after the camp and the report of the same have to be handed over to the camp coordinator. Token number should be provided to the people at the camp site. Advertisements of other optical shop or dispensaries should not be there on the camp notice. The camp site should be a hall with a minimum of 6 meters length for vision checking and it should be arranged (with minimum of 2 tables, 4 chairs, 2 stools) before the camp group reaches the site. There should be electricity supply.

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