Purevision 2 HD


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Bausch + Lombâ„¢ PureVision 2 HD disposable contact lenses offer comfort along with precise vision. The lenses can be used with almost all lifestyles with ease.

Clear and Precise Vision

The high definition Optics lessens spherical aberration to give extraordinary clarity of sight. They are especially designed to decrease halos and glare so as to deliver quality vision.

Diameter 14.00 MM
Material Content 64% Polymer (balafilcon A)
Water Content 36% H2O
Type Monthly Disposable
Contains 6 Lenses per Box

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Estimated delivery on 1 - 5 April, 2023
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A Performa surface, along with the unique AerGel Silicone hydro gel material of which it is made, allows moisture retention and checks build-up of protein deposits. This extraordinary material permits oxygen and fluids to flow freely, making your eyes feel comfortable the whole day long. It allows almost 5 times more oxygen to pass through the lenses. One of the thinnest and almost weightless of all available lenses, they ensure gentle and smooth contact between the lids and the eyes. Pure Vision2 HD possesses ultra-thin rounded edges which make insertion extremely convenient.


Pure Vision2 HD lenses are also packed in a unique solution poloxamine, which also helps in easy insertion.

Pure Vision2 HD lenses can be used for 30 days and required to be kept in a lens care solution when not in use.

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